THURSDAY, JANUARY 8th, 2024 6:00PM


E6132 STATE HWY 54, NEW LONDON, WI 54961


This meeting agenda has been posted at the Town Hall, E5406 N Shore Rd, N4715 Hwy 22-110 posting places


2. OPENING STATEMENT BY CHAIRMAN:  This meeting and all other meetings of the Town Board are open to the public. Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with Wi Statutes so that the townspeople may be aware of the time, place, agenda of this meeting.

Roll Call: Nathan Togstad, Marlyn Ebert, Steve Motiff(absent), Julie Motiff, Judy Doud. Visitors: Patricia Craig, Ben Beshaw

4. VISITORS INPUT: Patricia Craig requests clarification of what TAC as listed on agenda: It is Town Advisory Council-she relates abbrevations should be spelled out on agenda.

5. CLERK REPORT: Motion to approve minutes by Ebert, second Togstad. Motion carried.

6. TREASUERS REPORT: Trial balance of accounts. Motion to approve the treasurer and clerk reconciled to the bank statement and treasurers report. Motion by Ebert, second by S Motiff to approve. Motion carried.


a. Parking Lot Plowing: Concerns about Township parking lot being cleared timely. Conroy Rentals, owner of attached property, would be willing to plow lot at a cost of $90.00 per hour through 12/31/2025. Motion by Motiff, second by Togstad to have Conroy Rentals plow parking lot—with a 2-row pass through at cost of $90.00/hour through 12/31/2025. Motion carried. Faulks will be contacted
b. Road Reports—Notice received from Dept of Transportation-future improvements on Wis 110 to south junction Wis 22 in town of Royalton. Start in 2026, but could occur as early as 2025. Togstad relates notice needed of all culverts in township-to be done at spring road trip. Arip funding possible for Class A roads. Per Town ordinance No, 27, all roads in Royalton listed as Class B roads. To acquire funding, some of the roads would need to reclassified to Class A to be eligible to receive funding. Togstad is looking into roads that could be reclassified.
c. Tree Trimming; Trees trimmed on N. Military Rd, NShore Dr, Concerns on brush on Paap Hill,
Togstad relates CoHwy Dept could do the work for estimate of $1200.00-he will get further clarification for next meeting.
d. Website: Townweb, a web company that does numerous township websites, could do website at total of $2000.00/initially. Annual cost for succeeding years will be clarified. Doud will get final details, with decision made at next meeting.
e. TAC Membership: Motion by Motiff, second by Togstad to approve a payment of $338.75 to Town Advocacy Council. Motion Carried.
f. Appointment of Election Worker: Motion by Ebert, second by Togstad to approve Lori Lawson. Motion carried.
g. Operator License Approval: Motion to approve Logan Hoyland for operator license by Ebert, second by Togstad. Motion carried.
h. Fire and Ambulance Reports: Ebert relates recruiting efforts continue for Manawa. Motiff : Weyauwega fire Dept-Referendum on hold until next year for 3.5 million Building, maintenance. Options being discussed for future planning in regards to funding. A request was asked of township
For amount they would be willing to fund. Board would need more options and clarification of proposals before that decision can be made.
j. Meetings attended: Motiff; Weyauwega Fire District, Ebert; Zoning Dept meeting on Willow Pond
k. Correspondence Waupaca Co Sheriff Dept report, public information meeting on proposed zoning
Revisions-02/29/24 9:00am-Waupaca Co Courthouse, Wisc Asphalt Pavement Assoc seminar 03/13/24 in Appleton, Co Hwy Dept hours now 6:00am-4:00pm-Mon-Thur,

  1. LAND USE PERMITS: Gary and Ann Wade; accessory to structure-lean to addition on existing shed.
    Resolved violations. Robert&Judy Rehm, Joshua&Candy Giordana, Robert Price, Building Permits;
    Antonio Sanchez, Darrell Niemuth, Marlys Guyton, Gerald Van Eyck
  2. AUDIT OF BILLS-Motion to approve payment by Togstad, second by Ebert. Motion carried.
  3. SET AGENDA FOR NEXT MEETING: Road reports, Fire and Ambulance reports, Building Inspector contract. Website updates
  4. SET DATE & TIME FOR NEXT TOWN BOARD MEETING: Thursday, March 14, 2024 at the TownHall at 6:00pm
  6. Motion for closed session by Motiff, pursuant to 19.85(1)(c) WIS Stats. In consideration of employment, promotion, compensation, or performance evaluation of any Fire Dept employee who is subject to jurisdiction of the Royalton Town Board. The reason for closed session is employee employment and performance evaluation. If the Royalton Town Board convenes into open session, The Royalton Town Board may, pursuant to WIS STATS 19.85 (2) reconvene into open session to act upon or report action, if any, or reason of closed session and to consider any additional items on the agenda. Second by Ebert. Motion Carried.
  7. Motion to adjourn at 8:50pm by Togstad, second by Ebert. Motion carried.

The Town Board requests persons requiring assistance to enable attendance and participation to provide
24-hour notice. Persons wishing to be on the agenda, should notify the clerk or chairman ten days before meeting.