Board of Review



Thursday,July  19, 2023

At the Town Hall 6:00 pm 

E6132 State Hwy 54 New London


The meeting notice has been posted at the Town Hall; E5406 N Shore Rd; N4715 St Hwy 22/110 posting place

      1.  CALL MEETING TO ORDER: Meeting is called to order at 6:00pm.

2.   OPENING STATEMENT BY CHAIRMAN: This meeting and all other meetings of the Town Board are open to the public. Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with WI Statutes so that the townspeople may be aware of the time, place, and agenda of this meeting.

3.   ROLL CALL: Nathan Togstad, Marlyn Ebert, Steve Motiff, Judy Doud, Kathy Bazile.

4.   Elect Chairman of the Board of Review:  A motion by Ebert,  second by Togstad to appoint Motiff as Chairman. Motion carried.

5.   Elect Vice-Chairman of the Board of Review: Motion by Doud, second by Ebert to appoint Togstad as Vice Chairman. Motion carried.

6.   Clerk presents the assessment roll and sworn statements to the Board.  Assessment Roll presented to the Board.

7.  Board examines the roll, corrects errors in description or computation, adds omitted or eliminates double assess property.  Board examined the roll, clerk did not receive any calls for appointments. 

8.  Hears objectors.  None present.

9.  Makes determinations:  None to be made.

10.  It was stated by Chairman that the Board of Review had met for the required two hours.

11.   Motion to adjourn—After being open for 2 hours, a motion to adjourn by N.Togstad, Second by Ebert. Motion carried,


The Town Board requests persons requiring assistance to enable attendance and participation to provide 24 hour notice.  Persons wishing to be on the agenda should notify the clerk or chairman ten days before the meeting.